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Walton Premier Mas will NOT BE participating as it's own band in the Miami Carnival 2022. We will be participating with Party Room Squad Mas Band in the Section of Opulence Mas Band. Opulence Mas Band is based out of the Tampa Bay Area. Under the direction of "Queen Trini". Opulence Mas Band will bring you the ultimate carnival road experience. Costume and packages are coming soon. For more information about Opulence Mas please click on logo. If you do not connect the site is under maintenance. Please check back in a few weeks for updates.


Queen "Trini"


Owner and Creative Designer of 

Opulence Mas

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, she has been immersed in the world of Carnival since childhood. She brings her creativity with Devine Opulence that is fit for any Queen or King. through mas. She attributes her success to all of her brothers and sisters but most of all her design team of Opulence Mas that makes her vision a reality. Join her on the road with Opulence Mas for the ultimate Carnival experience. 

More information to come about registering with Opulence Mas.

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Tampa Carnival Costume Information 
2022 Coming Soon!


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